Easy Insurance Car Rentals in Philly

Jan 15, 2017 
by Nick Evangelist

No one plans to have a car accident. But here you are, with a vehicle that isn’t drivable but a full agenda of places you need to go throughout Philadelphia. When you find yourself without your personal vehicle and need an interim car, you can rely on Orthodox Auto Company for an insurance rental car.

About Our Rental Cars

If your car insurance will cover a replacement vehicle while you wait for repairs or replacement, then you’re in luck. At Orthodox Auto, we specialize in affordable and reliable car rentals that you can get in 30 minutes or less. We know that being without a vehicle isn’t a great option for most Philly residents. Therefore, we can get you an insurance car rental and get you back to your busy life until you figure out how to repair or replace your personal vehicle.

Car Rental Options

You can choose from a number of our reliable, affordable car rentals at Orthodox Auto Company. Our fleet includes economy cars, mid-size cars, and full-size cars to fit your needs and your budget. You can rest assured that all our car rentals are well maintained and well kept, so you can feel safe and comfortable for all your travels near and far.

How to Get Started

At Orthodox Auto, we make getting an insurance car rental easy. To get the process started, here’s what you have to do:

  • Call your insurance company to know its policy on getting an insurance car rental.
  • Browse our rental car inventory online, or stop by our Philadelphia location to see them for yourself.
  • Contact us at (215) 332-3520 to find out more about our rental policies or to make a reservation.

We’ll get you set up with just the right rental car in no time. Don’t let yourself be stranded. Instead, rely on our insurance rental cars at Orthodox Auto Company.

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