Get Money for your Junk Car

Did you recently have to total your car? Have you had an old junk car sitting in your driveway for much too long? Many people do not realize that they can get cash for their cars—no matter the condition. If you are looking to get rid of your junk car and collect some money in the process, consider contacting your local Philadelphia, PA salvage yard, Orthodox Auto Company.

Here’s How the Process Works:

  1. Call Orthodox Auto Company or contact us online. You’ll need to know the basic information about your vehicle (make, model, year, etc.) and have your title in hand.
  2. Get a free quote over the phone. The better you can describe the condition of your vehicle, the better our team can assess the salvage yard value of your junk car. Remember that receiving a quote doesn’t obligate you to anything.
  3. Drop off your junk car or have our technicians pick it up. If you can’t get your car to start or don’t want to hassle with it, Orthodox Auto Company can pick up vehicles throughout the Philadelphia, PA area.
  4. Collect your cash. After our salvage yard staff has had an opportunity to see your vehicle and ensure that your description is accurate, Orthodox Auto Company will buy your junk car. You will immediately receive payment with a company check, and you will no longer have to look at your beaten-down vehicle.

Many people do not realize that their junk cars still have value. Orthodox Auto Rental wants to make the car-selling process easy and convenient for you. Our family has been serving Philly residents for over 40 years. Call us today at 215-332-3500 for any questions you might have about selling your junk car.

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