Keep Your Car Running this Spring with Your Philadelphia Salvage Yard

After experiencing snowstorms and low temperatures that make you never want to leave the house again, springtime is when most people come out of hibernation and start hitting the road again. Today we have some more tips for spring car care, whether you need new parts from your local Philadelphia salvage yard or just want to make sure your car is ready for longer and more frequent trips during the warmer months.

Below are some helpful hints to help you keep your car in optimal shape this spring from the Philadelphia salvage yard specialists of Orthodox Auto Company.

Keep Comfortable: Now that temperatures are finally above freezing, you’ll want to make sure that your car’s air conditioning and windows are in proper working order. Your car’s heater was probably working overtime to keep you warm during winter drives, so now is a good time to inspect the AC and ensure it’s ready to keep you cool when temperatures rise.

You’ll also want to address any issues with your car’s windows before spring is in full swing. Having a window frozen shut in winter may not be so bad, but it can turn your car into a sauna come summertime. Luckily, your local salvage yard is the ideal place to find small mechanical pieces like a replacement motor for your window.

Power Up: Since this past winter was especially harsh and lengthy, your car’s battery was working extra hard to keep everything powered up and functioning properly for longer than usual. Make sure to inspect your battery for telltale signs of wear like corrosion build up, and make sure it has a healthy charge before taking your first springtime road trip. Finding and replacing a bad battery now can save you a lot hassle in the future.

Safety Concerns: Before your next big trip, ensure that important safety features like your car’s lights are in working order. Some drivers forget to inspect their hazard lights and don’t realize they’re malfunctioning until they find themselves stranded on the side of the road. Spring is also known for being a moisture-rich time of year, and fog is a common occurrence. Make sure your car’s fog lights are in proper working order.

These tips will hopefully help keep you and your car ready for anything Mother Nature throws at you this spring. If you need new or used auto parts to get your vehicle back on the road, contact Orthodox Auto Company today at (215) 332-3500. With our expansive Philadelphia salvage yard, we’re bound to have the parts you’ve been searching for.

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