Make the Most of Your Car Rental Experience

May 19, 2016 
by Nick Evangelist

You’re in need of a car rental in Philadelphia—perhaps for a week or more. You need a car that’s reliable, but you also don’t want to pay too much. Don’t hassle with the larger rental companies. Instead, rent a car from Orthodox Auto Company, a friendly local business you can rely on. And to maximize your rental experience, take heed of these few tips.

1. Save money with an economy car rental.

If spending as little as possible is your goal, then you will want to check out our economy rentals. These cars aren’t huge, but if you don’t plan on hauling a car full of kids, you should be good to go. Plus, these models tend to be more fuel efficient, saving you money as you drive.

2. Read through the rental requirements in advance.

Renting a car isn’t rocket science. However, we recommend that you check out our rental process and requirements before you book your rental, especially if you’re doing a cash car rental. That way, you can understand your responsibilities as a renter and be sure to bring everything you need when you pick up your car.

3. Book in advance.

We understand that you may be getting an insurance rental car or have an unexpected travel need. However, you’ll save yourself some stress by reserving your rental in advance if possible. That way, you don’t feel like you’re scrambling, and you can rest assured you’ll have a vehicle when the need arrives.

At Orthodox Auto Company, we do our best to make car rental easy and affordable. We’re a family business that has been serving Philadelphia for over 40 years. You can trust us with your rental-car needs. To ask about our car rentals or to make a reservation, you can contact our staff today at (215) 332-3520. We’ll help you find just the right vehicle.

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