The Perfect Road Trip with Your Philly Car Rental, Pt 2

In Pennsylvania, we’re just starting to get a taste of spring’s warmer temperatures and pleasant atmosphere. People all over the state are starting to make plans for springtime and summer road trips. When making your travel plans this spring, make sure to plan ahead and stock your Philly car rental with road trip essentials. This is part 2 in a 3-part series about planning for the perfect road trip.

Below are some more suggestions to help make the next road trip a smashing success with your Philly car rental from Orthodox Auto Company.

Are You Not Entertained?

Not all stretches of land are interesting enough to keep everyone in the car entertained on a long drive. If you’re going to bring children on your road trip, make sure to stock your rental car with easy travel games (with as few pieces as possible), books, and a list of classic road trip games that don’t require a board. Travel standards like “I Spy” may seem like old hat, but timeless games from your childhood will seem brand new to your kids.

Plan Ahead

Take a look at your travel itinerary and make note of any special pit stops you can take on the way. Have any wildlife lovers in the family? See if there are any state parks or zoos that you could pay a quick visit to on your way. Even a restaurant that serves someone in your travel group’s favorite dish could make for a worthwhile stop. Small touches, like a couple of hours at the park, put an element of thoughtfulness into your journey and can make a loved one’s trip all the more exciting.

Drive Safely

It should go without saying, but road trip travel requires some extra attention to detail when operating the car. Driving for hours on end can make you sleepy, and drowsy driving is one of the nation’s leading causes of car accidents. If you haven’t had enough rest, let someone else do the driving. If you’re the only driver and in need of some shuteye, make everyone wait until you’ve had a short snooze.

Make your next road trip a safe and exciting experience with these tips and tricks from Orthodox Auto Company. To get in the driver’s seat of a premium Philly car rental today, contact us at (215) 332-3520. Our rental cars are ideal for road tripping through the Keystone State all year long.

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