The Perfect Road Trip with Your Philly Car Rental, Pt 3

Whether you’re traveling with family or friends, a group road trip can be quite the undertaking. There are ways, however, that you can mitigate the chaos and turn a hectic experience into a fun memory to last a lifetime. This is the final installment in a blog series about cultivating the ideal journey when road tripping with your Philly car rental.

Below are even more insightful tips for making the most out of your next big road trip from the Philly car rental experts of Orthodox Auto Company.

Pack Like a Pro: It goes without saying that packing minimally will cut down on clutter in the rental car and create more space for passengers to sprawl out. You can easily designate different areas of the car for storing certain items, like storing road games in the center console to grant easy access for all passengers. Quick Tip: Keep important documents, spare cash, and extra phone chargers locked in the glove box for extra safety.

Choose Companions Wisely: Sorry gang, you don’t get to pick your relatives, so if you’re dreading the annual family road trip – bring along some headphones. You can, however, pick your friends, so be sure to only invite those buddies that will be valued members of the road trip team. Even having a hive of agitated bees in the passenger seat would be preferable over someone constantly complaining or causing drama for the group throughout the duration of the journey.

Drive Smart: If you’re going to be in the driver’s seat for the entirety of the trip, make sure to drive smart. Keeping a steady pace between 50-65 mph will not only help you conserve gas, but avoiding risky behavior like speeding on the highway will ensure everyone in the car reaches your destination in one piece. It’s been mentioned in this blog series before, but bears repeating: avoid driving drowsy. Drowsy driving is extremely dangerous, and simple steps like stopping at a rest stop for a quick snooze can prevent you from nodding off at the wheel.

Utilize these travel tips to make smooth sailing out of the next big road trip through Pennsylvania. Don’t forget that the most important thing to remember for a successful journey is your sense of adventure! You can shift that adventurous spirit into high gear with a premium Philly car rental from our extensive selection. Contact Orthodox Auto Company today at (215) 332-3520 to rent a car in Philadelphia and take the first steps towards your next great adventure.

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