Philly Auto Parts: Car Care for Winter’s End

As winter begins to wind down throughout the state, it’s time to start getting your car ready for the spring driving season. Today we’ll discuss ways to transition your vehicle from ‘winter battle mode’ to spring fresh with tips on basic car care and Philly auto parts that may need to be replaced.

For the best selection of new and used Philly auto parts in the region, visit the salvage professionals of Orthodox Auto Company. Here’s a quick look at the best ways to care for your car after the biting cold of winter finally retreats.

New Tires: Your car’s tires took a beating this winter thanks to ice-covered, pothole-infested roads. The last thing you’ll want after surviving the chaos of winter driving is a flat tire on your way to work. Before using the same tires you were using in winter, make sure to check them for signs of wear.

Starting Components: Winter is tough on all of your car’s starting components. Below freezing temperatures make the starter and alternator work harder, causing them to drain a great deal of power from the battery. If your car’s alternator has seen better days, it can be easily replaced with used parts. You can also save money on replacing a defunct starter by purchasing a rebuilt one. You should always replace an old battery with a new version.

Brake Check: Tires aren’t the only car components that can get put through the ringer during the colder months. Your car’s brakes have most likely been working overtime in subzero temperatures, driving on roads covered in layers of ice, snow, slippery oil, and debris being blown about by storm winds. At the end of winter, make sure to swap out any outdated or malfunctioning brake pads for new ones before taking any long drives in spring.

To keep your car in shape all year long, you can count on the salvage specialists of Orthodox Auto Company. With our vast selection, you’ll always be able to find the new and used Philly auto parts you need. Contact us today at (215) 332-3520, and let us help you get your car into gear for the spring and summer driving seasons.

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