Philly Auto Parts: New or Used?

Keeping your car running at peak performance can sometimes be an uphill battle. Choosing when to buy new or used auto parts is an important aspect of proper car care, and that’s exactly what we’ll discuss in today’s blog. Don’t be overwhelmed when shopping for Philly auto parts! Orthodox Auto Company is here to help.

The Salvage Yard

The best place to start your journey for Philly auto parts is at the salvage yard. A well-stocked salvage yard, like the one you’ll find at Orthodox Auto Company, will have all of the auto parts you could ask for. If it’s your first time visiting a salvage yard, don’t fret; the yard’s technicians will be able to help you navigate to find the piece you need.

Buy Used

There are plenty of pieces on your car that are easily replaced with used auto parts. Here’s a quick list of perfectly acceptable parts that can be replaced used.

• Headlights/Taillights

• Alternators

• Bumpers

• Small motors for power windows and sunroofs

• Interior trim

• Oil pan

• Side paneling

• Exhaust pipes

This, of course, isn’t a comprehensive list. There are plenty of other pieces of your car that are perfectly suited to replace with used auto parts. This short list should get you thinking in the right direction.

Buy New

Salvage yards are also a great source for new auto parts. If they don’t already have the part you’re looking for onsite, they know the best places in the area to order new parts from. New car parts can come with warranties that last a long time, so sometimes buying new is your best bet.

Some auto parts are meant to wear over time and should always be replaced with new versions. Here’s a quick list of auto parts that should always be replaced new.

• Brake pads

• Air bags

• Batteries

• Rotors

• Fuel lines

• Bearings

• Spark plugs

• Piston rings

When you’re trying to find Philly auto parts or want to sell your car, you can count on Orthodox Auto Company. Our salvage yard is stocked with quality new and used car parts, and we’re also one of the region’s most trusted car buyers. Contact us today at (215) 332-3500 to find out why Orthodox Auto Company is the name to trust in Philadelphia for all of your automotive needs.

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