Philly Salvage Yard Tips: Spring Cleaning for Your Car

Believe it or not, spring is just around the corner – even if it feels like this winter will never end. If you want to keep your car from rusting over and becoming the Philly salvage yard’s newest resident, now is the time to inspect your vehicle and start planning your spring cleaning routine. Small steps you take now can make a huge difference to your car’s health in the upcoming warmer months.

Below are a few helpful spring cleaning tips for your car from the Philly salvage yard specialists of Orthodox Auto Company.


Rough Philadelphia winters can present a lot of problems for the exterior of your car. Sub-zero temperatures and ice accumulation can weaken any already damaged windows. Salts used to dissolve ice on dangerous roads can also work its way into any crevasses in your car’s undercarriage and begin to rust and eat away at important auto parts. Make sure to take your vehicle for at least one good carwash when the snow finally starts to melt away to ensure that all of the potentially damaging dirt and grime of winter has been washed away.


In winter, we sometimes lose sight of the cleanliness of our car’s interior. We spend just as much time driving as we do in summer (maybe more due to traffic), but nobody wants to head out to the garage or the street to clean out the car when the wind chill is at -30°. When the temperatures do start finally heating up, go over your car’s interior with a fine-tooth comb; give those areas that have been neglected throughout winter a much-needed cleaning.

Replacement Parts

Over this recent harsh winter, your car has taken a lot of abuse from the elements. Important moving parts and safety features like windshield wipers, tires, and brake pads might all need replacement. Your car’s air filter has also been working overtime, as plummeting temperatures have caused most drivers to keep the heater running on full blast.

At Orthodox Auto Company, we know how much work it takes to keep your ride in its best shape. That’s why when you visit our Philly salvage yard, you’ll find only the finest new and used auto parts to make your next automotive project a breeze. Contact us today at (215) 332-3500 to see what the Orthodox difference can mean for you and your car.

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