Rent a Car with Cash

Mar 22, 2016 
by Nick Evangelist

You’ve had a string of bad luck—and your credit score has taken a hit. You need to rent a car for an upcoming trip outside Philly, but several of the larger car rental companies won’t help you out with bad or no credit. Don’t worry. You’re not out of luck just yet.

At Orthodox Auto Company, we don’t think your credit score should determine whether you can rent a car or not. You can find many reasons out tahere—from difficult times to simply not having a credit card—that someone may have a low or even nonexistent credit score. That’s why we offer cash car rentals in the Philadelphia area.

All you have to do to qualify for our cash rental program is:

  • Provide proof of full-coverage car rental insurance.
  • Show us your valid driver’s license.
  • Make a cash deposit that equals seven rental days.

By following these three simple steps, you can choose from any of our affordable car rentals. We have models ranging from economy rental cars to full-size sedans. You’re bound to find a car to fit your needs so you can get to where you need to go in Pennsylvania.

If you have questions about our rental requirements, just give our staff a call. We’d be glad to answer any of your questions and even help point you in the direction of local attractions, like Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Zoo, and more.

Orthodox Auto Company is a family-owned and –operated company just outside Philadelphia. We’ve been serving the area since 1968 as a full-service salvage yardused auto parts provider, and rental company. To reserve your rental or to hear more about our cash rental program, contact Orthodox Auto Company at (215) 332-3520.

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