Sell Accident Cars Fast in Philly

Aug 26, 2015 
by Nick Evangelist

No one plans on getting in a fender bender. However, sometimes Philadelphia traffic can take its toll—and you’re left with an accident car you can no longer drive. While the insurance figures out your pay out, you don’t have to be stuck with a damaged car. Instead, check out the cash for cars program at Orthodox Auto Company.

The car-selling process really is as easy as it sounds. You give our Philadelphia salvage yard a call, we give you a quote, and you can sell accident cars in very little time—walking out with cash in hand. We buy vehicles in all conditions, from totaled cars to brand-new models, and we will give you a fair cash value for the vehicle.

All you need to do to sell your accident car is:

  • Know the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle. Our price quote is based on how you describe the vehicle, so accurate details help us give you an accurate quote.
  • Have the original title on hand. We cannot buy accident cars without the owner having the original title. If the title was lost or damaged, our team can help you go about getting a new one, which generally takes 7-10 days.
  • Call us at (267) 326-2020, or fill out our online sell my car quote form. We’ll take your info and get you a quote as soon as possible.
  • After you get the quote and agree to sell your damaged car, we will arrange a pick-up and payment time that’s convenient for you.

Seem too good to be true? It’s not, but in case you still have concerns, check out some of our past customers’ frequently asked questions as well as customer reviews.

Don’t let the stress of getting in a car accident keep you stranded! To sell your accident car, contact Orthodox Auto Company at (267) 326-2020 so we can get started on your free quote.

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