Should I Sell My Car?

Developing sentimental attachment to one’s car is a common occurrence. If you’re thinking, “Should I sell my car?” and you’re already having reservations about the process – you may not be ready to part with your automobile.

Even if you’re not ready now, you will eventually have to give up your prized ride. There’s nothing wrong with upgrading to a new model after your old partner in crime loses its touch – honestly, your car would want you to move on.

Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. Before you start fantasizing about your next vehicle, you still have to figure out what you’re going to do with your current car when the dreaded time comes. Here are some tips to maintain your current car’s integrity so that when it is time to sell your car to Orthodox Auto Company, it will be in the best possible condition.

1.Keep it clean. Have your car washed at least once a month in all seasons. Even more frequent washes in winter are beneficial – as road salt is highly corrosive to your car’s exterior.

2.Beautiful on the inside. Simply vacuuming and keeping the dash, windows, and upholstery free of debris will significantly help maintain your car’s value – plus no one wants to ride around in a garbage can on wheels.

3.Maintenance is a must. Just because you’ll be selling this car or sending it to the Orthodox Auto Company salvage yard to become a beautiful bouquet of auto parts doesn’t mean you get to neglect the vehicle’s upkeep. The better condition of the car, the more money you’ll get when you sell.

If you want to get as much money as possible for your car, follow the above tips to keep your vehicle looking and running its best.

When you’re thinking about selling your car or getting your hands on some used car parts, give a call. We’ll gladly look through our salvage yard to find you the piece you’re looking for. If you have questions or have a junk car you’d like to get rid of, contact us today at (215) 332-3500. In addition to our junkyard and used-auto-part services, we also provide PA car rentals for visitors to the Keystone State.

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