Simple DIY Car Repairs

iStock_000012285698XSmallIf you’ve noticed that your car isn’t functioning properly, the best course of action is for you to address the issue right away. Now the age-old dilemma emerges — do you work on the repair yourself, or do you acquire the help of a professional mechanic? 

Before you visit Orthodox Auto Company to find the auto part you need, we advise that you research whether or not you’re capable of performing the repair you are attempting. Here is some sound advice on car repairs:

  1. Begin with the Basics: When you’re starting out, avoid any repairs that require you to be in an uncomfortable position. If you dive right into a hard task, you’ll just end up frustrated. Start out on simple fixes, such as changing the battery, oil, or air filter. This will allow you to develop confidence in handling your vehicle.
  2. Avoid Severe Repairs: Repairs that involve your master cylinder or fuel line should be left to the professionals. With one faulty move, you could end up making the repair worse, or you could even hurt yourself in the process.
  3. Pre-plan: In order to get familiar with your vehicle, check out the manufacturer’s manual for your car. You can also read information online from reliable resources.
  4. Gather your Tools: For DIY car repairs, you’ll need a tool kit that consists of good-quality socket wrenches, screwdrivers, and other special devices. If your car needs a specific part, our salvage yard in Philly is a great source for auto parts.
  5. Don’t be Afraid of Assistance: DIY projects can be frustrating at times, so don’t be shy about consulting your regular mechanic for advice.

At Orthodox Auto Company, we have one of the most diverse Philadelphia salvage yards. We’ll help you find the part you need for your DIY repair in no time. To learn more about our junk yards, contact us at (215) 332-3500 for more information.

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