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Buy Salvage Title Car

3 Reasons to Buy a Salvage Title Vehicle

If you are in the market for a new car and you need a creative way to find something within your budget, consider buying a salvage title car. The insurance company brands cars as “salvage title” for various reasons, not always because they were totaled in an accident. And, even if they were in an […]

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Salvage Yard Safety

Salvage Yard Safety Tips

Auto repairs are an expensive but often necessary evil. Some people try to decrease the cost by doing the work themselves and using used auto parts instead of new. To save even more money, you can pull used auto parts directly from a salvage yard. You can find quality used parts at salvage yards but, […]

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Junk Yard Pickers

What Kind of Junkyard Picker Are You?

Junk yards are awesome. In addition to being full of interesting and useful machines, junk yards, or salvage yards, are an important part of the life cycle of a car. If you are in Philadelphia or the surrounding area, come check out Orthodox Auto Company and see how much fun you can have and, at […]

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Salvage Vintage Car

3 of the Best Cars to Pull for Parts at a Salvage Yard

When undertaking a car project, your costs can get out of hand quickly. Whether you’re doing a simple repair or a full restoration, Orthodox Auto Company can help you manage your costs by allowing you to find quality parts at a fraction of the cost of buying new. If you’re considering checking out the salvage […]

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Father's Day Salvage Car

Find the Perfect Father’s Day Gift at Orthodox Auto Company

Socks, ties, coffee mugs, golf gift certificates- your dad has seen them all. You want to make this Father’s Day special, but what could you possibly get him that hasn’t been done a thousand times over? This year, give your dad the gift of quality time and hard work with one of his favorite people: […]

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Need Auto Parts? Look No Further!

Everyone knows that having car trouble is both a pain and expensive. When your car needs repairs, you will need to arrange for other transportation while your car is in the shop, and you’ll have to pay the mechanic for time and parts. Often, parts are pricey and hard to find. Orthodox Auto Company can […]

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Used Auto Parts for Less

Whether you’re fixing up a vintage ‘Vette or you simply need a replacement part for your family minivan, you can save money with Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia, PA. As a family-owned and -operated salvage yard and used auto parts distributor, we can help you locate the parts you need at an affordable rate. Our […]

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How Reliable Are Used Auto Parts?

From fenders to carburetors, you can find a wide range of used auto parts online or from local salvage yards. It’s no secret that buying used versus new (on most consumer products) can save you valuable dollars. But how do you know if the salvage yard is selling you quality auto parts? Orthodox Auto Company—a […]

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Buy Used Auto Parts Online!

Finding used parts for your vehicle is a great way to repair your car without going broke. Salvage yards are full of used auto parts that are in great condition. Many people do not realize that salvage yards throughout the country, including Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia, sell used auto parts online.

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Looking for a Junk Yard in Philadelphia?

Orthodox Auto Company plays host to one of the most sought after salvage yards in Philadelphia. The vehicles found on our lot are brimming with possibilities (not to mention premium, low-priced car parts) for your next restoration project. Even if you’re just looking for auto parts to repair your car, we’ve got you covered. As […]

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