The Perfect Road Trip with Your Philly Car Rental, Pt 1

Mar 14, 2014 
by Nick Evangelist

As the chill of winter finally fades and spring’s warmer temperatures take over, families all over Pennsylvania are starting to plan vacations. When you decide to drive to your desired locale, make sure to stock your Philly car rental with plenty of supplies to make your journey all the more pleasurable. This is part 1 in a 3-part series about planning for the perfect road trip.

Below are some suggestions to make your next road trip a comfortable and exciting experience with your Philly car rental from Orthodox Auto Company.

Stay Comfortable: Whether you’re driving a couple hours to visit with family or across state lines for an annual music festival, comfort is a must for road trips of any length. Always remember to bring along comfortable shoes, blankets, pillows, and other creature comforts that will make your car rental a more accommodating, road-trip habitat.

Snack Well: A lot of traveling families resort to dining on fast food while road tripping. While hamburgers and fries are an easy way to get everyone fed quickly, eating copious amounts of fried food for ever vacation meal can be unhealthy and pricey. There are tons of cheaper and healthier options you can take along for the ride instead. Consider packing more health conscious choices like trail mix, fruit, veggies, and other easily portable snacks.

Be Prepared: No matter how well you plan ahead, the road is unpredictable, and surprises are always a possibility. Make sure you’re ready for anything by packing an emergency preparedness kit for your road trip. Here’s a quick list of just a few items to include in your kit in case you find yourself stranded on the road.

• Jumper cables

• Road flares

• Flashlights

• First Aid kit

• Extra phone charger

• Blankets

Make your next road trip a breeze with these tips and tricks from Orthodox Auto Company. To get in the driver’s seat of a premium Philly car rentalcontact us today at (215) 332-3520. Our rental cars are ideal for road tripping through Pennsylvania any time of the year.


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