A Trip to Penn Museum with Your Philly Car Rental

As the winter weather intensifies, you’ll be looking for more indoor activities to enjoy with the family. While sledding and skiing can be exhilarating, there’s not always enough time to get the entire gang to the slopes. With a trip to Penn Museum, however, everyone will be able to hop into your Philly car rental and enjoy a day of discovery together.


To get to Penn Museum, take your Philly car rental from Orthodox Auto Company to 3260 South Street, right here in Philadelphia, PA.


Here’s a quick look at some of the great exhibits you’ll encounter when you drive your car rental to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.

Egypt (Sphinx) Gallery: Here you’ll encounter artifacts from one of the most well-preserved royal palaces ever to be excavated in Egypt – the palace of pharaoh Merenptah. Complete with an enormous sphinx as well as columns and doorways from the palace, this exhibition is sure to delight anyone in the family with a love for history. You’ll feel like a real-life Indiana Jones as you examine ancient treasures from half a world away.

Black Bodies in Propaganda: Propaganda is a powerful tool that has been used by countries all over the world to inspire their citizens to support and join military efforts. This insightful exhibit focuses on the use of propaganda to mobilize people of color in times of war throughout the 20th century. From the Civil War to more modern conflicts like WWII, the exhibition’s posters show how the call to action has evolved for people of African descent in the last 200 years.

Human Evolution: In this interactive exhibit, visitors are given the chance to view and touch over 100 casts of fossils from human and primate evolutionary records. There are also multimedia presentations that examine the history of human evolutionary science and portray the first 200 million years of human evolution.


Tuesday through Sunday, Penn Museum is open from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. On the first Wednesday of every month, you can visit the museum until 8 p.m. The museum is closed on Mondays and major holidays.


Adults: $15

Seniors: $13

Children (6-17): $10

To get behind the wheel of a premium Philly car rental for a trip to Penn Museum during your stay in Pennsylvania, contact Orthodox Auto Company today at (215) 332-3520. With our vast selection and years of professional car rental experience, we’ll be able to find the perfect vehicle for your next exciting adventure.

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