Visit Allegheny National Forest in your PA Rental Car

Aug 12, 2013 
by Nick Evangelist

Looking for the perfect destination for some outdoor fun on your next road trip through Pennsylvania? Load the family up in your PA rental car, and head to Allegheny National Forest for a day (or more) filled with incomparable natural beauty and plenty of activities to keep the family happy and occupied for hours.


You can find Alleghany National Forest in Northwestern Pennsylvania in your PA rental car from Because of its size, the forest has been segmented into two ranger districts with their own ranger stations: the more northern portion is referred to as Bradford (McKean County), and the southern part of the forest is known as Marienville (Forest County).

As Pennsylvania’s only national forest, Allegheny provides a unique opportunity for travelling families to explore the gorgeous scenery the Keystone State has to offer. Here are just a few of the many activities you’ll be able to enjoy when you visit Allegheny National Forest in your cheap car rental from Orthodox Auto Company.


Scenic Drives: Enjoy the natural beauty of Allegheny National Forest from the comfort of your PA rental car n a scenic drive through Dewdrop Recreation Area, Jakes Rock Overlook, and Rimrock Overlook. This is a great way to spend quality time with the family and get a full view of the forest’s natural beauty.

Camping: There are plenty of options for families who wish to spend more than just a day in this gorgeous forest. Cabin rentals, traditional campsites, and more rustic, dispersed campsites are also available.

Fishing: Any anglers in the family will fall in love with the variety of fishing options available at Allegheny National Forest. From snagging small brook trout, to trophy fishing for walleye and musky in Allegheny Reservoir, the forest has something for fishermen of any skill level.

To get out of the hassle of city life and into the beautiful wilderness of Northwestern Pennsylvania, contact Orthodox Auto Company to get in the driver’s seat of a spacious, accommodating PA rental car. Give us a call at (215) 332-3520, and ask which one of our car rentals will best suit your vacation needs.

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