Visit Philadelphia’s Franklin Square

Franklin Square, one of Philadelphia’s five original squares mapped out in William Penn’s early city planning, includes both historical significance and family fun. Just a 15-minute ride from Orthodox Auto Company, we can get you set up to enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the heart of Philly, enjoying Franklin Square.

Renovated in 2006, Franklin Square has much to offer Philadelphia visitors and residents:

  • Franklin Square Fountain: Originally built in 1838 and restored in 2006, the fountain is a historic piece of Philly as well as a beautiful backdrop to summer fun.
  • Parx Liberty Carousel: Take a ride on Center City Philadelphia’s only carousel. Whether you want to ride a traditional racehorse or an eagle, Parx Liberty Carousel has something for everyone. Tickets cost $3.00/person for ages 3 and older.
  • Philly Mini Golf: Franklin Square is also home to Center City’s only mini golf. The 18 holes highlight local historic attractions like the Liberty Bell and the Ben Franklin Bridge. Adults cost $9.00 and kids ages 3 to 12 cost $7.
  • SquareBurger: Featuring a family atmosphere, SquareBurger has delicious burgers, fries, hot dogs, and the well-known Cake Shake (as well as other flavors and ice cream treats). The traditional, single SquareBurger costs about $4.75, and the Cake Shake is on the menu for $5.00.
  • Franklin Square Playground: Free to the public, the playground is one of the best of its kind. Residents and visitors to Philadelphia enjoy letting their children swing, slide, climb, run around, and more. Historic Philadelphia notes that has “ranked Franklin Square in the top five playgrounds in the United States.”

So if you have kids or are itching for a round of mini golf, reserve a car rental and take a trip to Franklin Square. Orthodox Auto Company of Philadelphia prides itself on providing customers with quality car rental options at an affordable rate. Call 215-332-3520 to reserve your car rental today.


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