Visit the National Civil War Museum in PA

Jan 23, 2016 
by Nick Evangelist

Many out-of-towners choose Pennsylvania as a vacation destination for the many historical sites and parks throughout the state. From Gettysburg to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, you can easily travel throughout the state and see these U.S. landmarks firsthand. Another PA attraction you will want to add to your journey is the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA. You can easily book a car rental from Orthodox Auto Company in Philadelphia and take a day trip to Harrisburg in under two hours.

The National Civil War Museum prides itself on its equal presentation of the facts and events surrounding the war that divided a nation, without bias toward either the Union or Confederate sides. Some of the exhibits and attractions you can see at the museum include:

  • Over 25,000 Civil War artifacts.
  • Personal effects of known Civil War leaders, such as Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee.
  • Exhibits focusing on different eras of the war.
  • A museum café for refreshments during your visit.
  • The museum gift shop so you can take home souvenirs.

A visit to the National Civil War Museum gives you a firsthand look at the war that redefined the United States in many ways. This trip is great for families, school groups, or local organizations and clubs. You can visit the National Civil War Museum almost daily—barring major holidays; be sure to check out the National Civil War Museum website for more accurate hours and rates of admission.

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