Visiting the Rocky Steps and Statue in Philadelphia

Sep 19, 2012 
by Nick Evangelist

Philadelphia is a city that’s full of American history. When you visit Philly during your next Pennsylvania vacation, you can see examples of American film history. Two must-see attractions in Philadelphia that are related to cinema are the Rocky steps and the Rocky statue.

These two iconic sights are from the famous film series Rocky starring Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa. When you’re driving around Philly in your car rental, be sure to stop by the legendary steps and the famous statue.

The Rocky Steps

You’ll find the steps from the 1976 Oscar-winning film Rocky at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, located at 26th Street Benjamin Franklin Parkway. The steps you want to find are the ones that lead to the museum’s east entrance.

Once you’re there, why not take part in the tradition and recreate Rocky’s run to the top of the steps. The whole family can have fun being a part of film history by racing up the steps together.

The fun doesn’t stop there; once you’re at the top of the steps, you’ll see an amazing view of Philadelphia. Look out at the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the downtown skyline.

The Rocky Statue

You’ll find the Rocky Statue at the Philadelphia Museum of Art as well. You might recognize this bronze statue from Rocky III, when the statue was located at the top of the steps. After being moved around Philly several times, the statue now stands near the bottom of the steps.

The statue portrays Rocky Balboa in his boxing uniform with his arms raised over his head in victory. You and your family will have a great time posing with the statue and mimicking his stance. Remember to bring your camera with you so you can capture the memories with this photo op!

After seeing these two tourist attractions, spend some time driving around Philadelphia in your car rental, or your own car if you’re on a family road trip, to see even more of the city’s famous sights.

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