Wild Adventure at the Pittsburgh Zoo with Your PA Car Rental

Pennsylvania has some of the best zoos in the country to visit with your family. On your next road trip through the Keystone State, we suggest a visit to the Pittsburgh Zoo in your PA car rental with your family. This world-class zoo has something for everybody.


You can find the zoo at 7340 Butler Street in Pittsburgh, PA 15206. Load the family into your PA car rental from Orthodox Auto Company, and enjoy a day filled with family-friendly fun and wild discovery at the Pittsburgh Zoo.


Here’s just a sample of the great exhibits you’ll find when you visit the Pittsburgh Zoo in your PA car rental.

Asian Forest: Some of the planet’s most endangered animals can be found in this exhibit, built to resemble the lush forests of the Asian continent. Here, you’ll find the infamous Komodo dragon and endangered big cats like Amur tigers, Amur leopards, and the elusive snow leopard.

Kids Kingdom: This wonderful exhibit teaches kids about what it’s like to be an animal by letting them act like one! Let their imaginations run wild as they encounter sea lions, camels, kangaroos and creatures native to Pennsylvania, such as North American river otters, skunks, and deer.

Tropical Forest: A vast array of new- and old-world monkeys, great apes, and small reptiles call the Tropical Forest exhibit home. Kids and adults alike will delight in watching the monkeys and apes interact by howling, squealing, playing, and swinging from branch to branch.


Parking your car rental from Orthodox at the Pittsburgh Zoo is free.

Adults: $14

Seniors (60+): $13

Kids (2-13): $12

Kids (Under 2): Free


From September 3rd through December 31st, the Pittsburgh Zoo is open daily from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

If you’re coming to Pennsylvania and would like to bring your kids to make some memories at the Pittsburgh Zoo, Orthodox Auto Company can help get you there. We offer long term car rentals, which are great for family vacations. Contact us today at 215-332-3520, and ask about our no-mileage-limit policies for your next visit to PA.

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